Like a lot of people you probably have long since stopped taking new prophecies for specific years seriously (if you ever took them seriously in the first place). The typical complaint is they are so general and lack so much detail they are essentially worthless.

Some years ago, people pretending to be prophetic or prophets started praying for revelation from God on what to expect for the year ahead. All kinds of ministers were doing this over a decade ago and they continue to this day. It gets them attention for their followers or page views on sites like

In January 2008, for example, evangelist Todd Bentley had his 2008 prophecy published on (Todd Bentley, “Todd Bentley: “Prophetic Directions for 2008,” Jan. 24, 2008.) He claimed a dozen revelations for the year. The fourth one is highlighted: [Apr. 30, 2020]

…Instead of shame, it’s double honor! Listen. If you have any shame it’s going to leave because of restoration; God is going to release miraculous restoration! You’re going to have double honor. Honor is favor, esteem and respect.

Later that year Bentley was in Lakeland, Florida for what became known as the Lakeland Revival or Lakeland Outpouring. It ended in disgrace suddenly after it was disclosed he had been having an affair or committed adultery.

He stepped down from his ministry and went into “restoration.” But it was not a “miraculous restoration” as prophesied. Because he fell into more sin by 2012 and had more serious problems until 2019-2020 when his second ministry ended after another huge scandal.

In 2008 the following reactions were seen online.


Well, I guess the year is not over yet…

Comment by Craig Dorsheimer | September 15, 2008

It is a double portion of shame on Todd Bentley. So, I guess the demon prophesying through him was correct on that.

As for what happened to Florida after the Lakeland outpouring imploded with sin and lies and corruption, the floods came. And came and came.

Reminds me of how the Mormons got kicked out of Independence Missouri, the historical heart of Kansas City, btw. (That is no coincidence with the Kansas City Prophets).

The normal Christians in Missouri at the time believed the massive flooding that happened after the Mormons set up shop was because the Mormons were so unholy. Skirmishes and bloodshed broke out as the people in the state wanted to drive the Mormons from Missouri –

despite Joseph Smith’s “prophesy” that Independence (Kansas City) would be their Mormon Zion where the Second Coming of Christ would occur. This flood and people trying to drive out the cultic Mormons from Missouri is why they ultimately settled in Salt Lake City Utah. But Smith always believed Kansas City was the place where the Christ (Anti Christ) would show up.

Read Anti Christ and the NARbots and again the devil is telling some truth through Joseph Smith.

Bob Jones, who backed Todd Bentley, birthed the Kansas City Prophets through his angel Emma. First name of Joseph Smith’s first wife. Joseph Smith’s “angel” that gave him the book of Mormon was named Moroni.

Same demon, IMHO.

Comment by AriseMyLove | September 15, 2008 [Apr. 24, 2020].