In 1996, about 50 years after the healing revival that started in the 1940s began, Paul Cain prophesied another one. The record of his word was made by a colleague, Rick Joyner, and published on his website:

PROPHECY FROM PAUL CAIN: A healing revival will begin this year.

INTERPRETATION: This is a word that we have heard from a number of different prophetic ministries. Revival implies bringing something back to life. The last true healing revival began in 1948 and had a sweeping world wide impact. Even though the Lord seldom moves in exactly the same way twice, we can expect healing to become a much greater emphasis in the times ahead.[1]

The “interpretation” was by Joyner. It is included because he claimed it was corroborated. The prophecy was a complete failure. There was no healing revival in 1996 and there has been no healing revival since then. No record was found of Paul Cain apologizing or explaining why he failed, nor Joyner doing so on Cain’s behalf.

The prophecy had more weight than many prophecies because it came from Cain, supposedly a prophet, who was called “a high-level prophet” (prophesying with a high degree of accuracy), and because he had himself previously been part of a healing revival.

This wasn’t Cain’s first revival prophecy or first false revival prophecy. It is not as well known as his UK revival prophecy around 1990. That also failed to happen the year he prophesied it would and hasn’t happened since, either.

Paul Cain’s history is not fully discussed often and to this day in some circles he is still widely considered to have been infallible. He has another outstanding revival prophecy which had no date on it that people still believe is going to be fulfilled.

It becomes obvious after studying Cain’s life that he was burdened to see revival. This in part undoubtedly was because he had experienced it at the beginning of his life as a minister, but then had nothing for decades. He had probably been not only hoping for revival but also praying for it for decades. Burdens can lead to prophesying from natural frustration or human hope instead of divine inspiration. This could explain Cain giving multiple revival prophecies which failed and lower the probability that any that are left over which lacked specific timing definition were actually inspired.

Cain’s famous unfulfilled stadium revival prophecy would be more credible if he hadn’t already made false revival prophecies for the England Revival of 1990 that never happened and the Healing Revival of 1996 that failed to materialize.

End notes
  1. Rick Joyner, “MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #17 ,” 1996. [Apr. 26, 2020].

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