About Prophecy Reviews

A Second Opinion

After hearing a prophecy the possibilities of reactions to it fall into six categories:


  1. Assume it’s true and not review it
  2. Assume it’s true but review it
  3. Make no assumptions whether it’s true or false but not review it
  4. Make no assumptions whether it’s true or false but review it
  5. Assume it’s false but review it
  6. Assume it’s false and not review it


The purpose of this blog is to help readers reach a reasonable conclusion about the validity of a prophecy without being irrationally optimistic, irrationally pessimistic or irrationally indifferent. The conclusions will fall into five basic categories:


  1. Very likely
  2. Likely
  3. Possible
  4. Unlikely
  5. Very unlikely


We will be making the case that it is safer and more practical to conclude a prophecy falls into one of these five categories than one of the two extreme categories (true or false).


The moderate approach is a paradigm shift away from traditional thinking. At the time of writing there do not appear to already be too many books, websites or blogs with prophecy reviews.